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Spike Icons: All Spike...All the Time...

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Welcome to Spike Icons...a community for posting up and sharing your Spike icons! Everyone is welcome to join; however there are a few rules for posting!

1) Only icons may be posted on the site.

2) All icons must pertain somehow to Spike, whether through an image of Spike or some reference to Spike in the text of the icon.

3) Any pairings are allowed in the icons...for instance, Spike/Buffy, Spike/Dru, Spike/Willow...etc. If you can pair him with another character on Buffy or Angel, you can post 'em!

4) You may not post messages that do not contain icons. For example, you can't post wallpapers or requests for icons.

5) Membership is free into the community, but in order to post, you must email the community manager at sandy_s @ livejournal .com for permission to post!

6) In the email, please put Spike Icons in the subject line and somewhere in the email, put the phrase, "Be true to yourself."

That's all! Join and have fun! :o)

Disclaimer: This community is for fun only! All images used in icons belong to Joss and Fox. No copyright infringement is intended or implied.